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We wrote earlier that Amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting of “stuffed” toys originating from Japan. Since toys need to be stuffed, it is very important that the work is dense so you do not see the filling from the inside. 

Amigurumi can be knitted, though they are usually crocheted out of yarn or thread, using the basic techniques of crochet (such as single crochet stitch (sc), double crochet (dc), invisible decrease (inv.dec)). Amigurumi can be worked as one piece or, more usually, in sections which are sewed or crocheted together. In crochet, amigurumi are typically worked in spiral rounds to prevent “striping”, a typical feature of joining crochet rounds in a project.

Today these very popular toys, due to their beautiful looks and the use of materials that do not endanger the health of children, make it an inevitable gift for children. There is an increasing number of creators who create them and those who are planning to start this surely entertaining and creative technique of making toys. That’s why we decided to refer to several  useful links of the Eastern creative communities.

Amigurumi patterns

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Amigurumi love. On the Amimore.ru platform, the Amigorumi Scheme for crochet and knitting is shared to you with great love. A large number of schemes are followed by a video tutorial as well as a downloadable PDF file with a prepared scheme that you can print.

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